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Sales Volume Breakeven Analysis

The breakeven analysis calculator is designed to demonstrate how many units of your product must be sold to make a profit. Hit "Full Report" to see a detailed look at the profit generated at each sales volume level.

This Financial Calculator requires a Browser with Java Support


Variable unit cost:Cost associated with producing an additional unit.
Fixed cost:The sum of all costs required to produce any product. This amount does not change as production increases or decreases
Expected unit sales:The number of units that are expected to be sold.
Price:Price you will be able to receive per unit.
Total variable costs:The product of units produced and variable unit cost (example 10 units at $5 variable cost produces a total variable cost of $50).
Total costs:Sum of fixed costs and variable costs.
Total revenue:Product of price and expected sale unit sales (example 10 units at $10 equals $100 total revenue.
Profit:Total revenue minus total costs.
Breakeven:Number of units required to sell to make a profit of zero.

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