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Do you want to expand your practice into financial planning but have not found the time to get licensed?
Are you already licensed and looking to make more money with better support?
The CPAdirectAdvisors Program is sponsored by a broker-dealer that understands how to integrate the financial planning component into your practice. If you are ready to make the move, CPAdirectAdvisors makes it easy.

CPAdirectAdvisors has Full Time Licensed Advisors that will become an extension of your firm during tax season and throughout the year. YOU INTERVIEW AND CHOOSE THE ADVISOR, no differently than you would hire any other full time staffer. The difference is that this staffer cost you nothing. Our Advisors pay YOU Rent and Fees to join your firm always under your supervision. Using our proven method, your firm's revenue should increase by 30%-50%.

THE TRUTH IS YOU CAN'T MAKE REAL MONEY AS A PART-TIME FINANCIAL PLANNER. You are a full time Accountant/Tax Professional. Adding financial services to your practice is also a full time job. Doing it yourself doesn't work. Outsourcing client recommendations doesn't make you real money and you lose control of your clients. To be successful and service your clients properly you must have a Full Time Licensed Staff "Advisor" in your office.

ATTN: LICENSED ACCOUNTANTS. If you are already licensed, you know getting your Securities or Insurance License doesn't mean you make money – it only means you can legally get paid. "CPAdirectAdvisors" status means you are provided with the highest payout on all securities and insurance products with the greatest support – a full-time dedicated Advisor in your office you can supervise and trust with your clients.

Join this program for free. This tax season – with or without you – your clients will be contributing to their 401(k) plans, making their IRA contributions and saving dollars for their children's education in 529 plans. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining! Email your request for additional information now using the form on the right.
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