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A Residential Mortgage Program That's Easy and Lucrative!
The Lowest Rates Available For You & Your Clients.
1. Diversify your business with no additional expense.
CPAdirectory has partnered with licensed mortgage professionals in your area to provide an opportunity for you to create an additional revenue source from your existing client base. You may now qualify to receive a fee from your clients' mortgages when they purchase or refinance their home. This program complies with Federal Banking Regulations and no license is required. Competitive rates for your clients is just a phone call away. Your existing client base combined with their vast lending capabilities instantly put you in the mortgage business.

2. We make it easy.
Now your clients receive guaranteed low rates, plus you get paid a fee. Just contact your trusted mortgage professional to help start the application process. A few weeks later you receive a check and your client is happy. A mortgage professional will be available by phone, on-line or in person. Obtaining a mortgage for your clients is as simple as making a phone call. Find out if this program is available in your state.

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3. Work with a licensed mortgage banker or broker in your state.
This provides your client the most complete range of mortgage options available under one roof. In addition to having the lowest rates on conventional and government programs, we offer many options on no income check programs, loans for those with poor credit and purchases with little or no money down.

4. It is up to you to take the next step!
Mortgage professionals will work with you to develop a marketing program for your client. Join this program for free. Email your request for additional information now using the form above.

Attention CPAs: In some states the acceptance of commissions by a CPA may be in violation of the State Licensing Board's Code of Ethics. Each individual CPA is responsible for determining whether they are permitted to accept such payments. CPAdirectMortgage is a national program and therefore makes no warranties with regard to the above.
CPAdirect Marketing, Inc. ( & often provides marketing services for financial service companies such as mortgage brokers, bankers and broker-dealers that desire to advertise to financial professionals. CPAdirect Marketing, Inc. is not a lender and does not make loans, credit decisions, or provide advice in connection with business loans or lines of credit, commercial mortgages, residential mortgages or investments. CPAdirect Marketing, Inc. does not endorse, recommend or favor the products of any participating financial advertiser. CPAdirect Marketing, Inc. is not an agent of either you, the consumer, or any participating advertiser. CPAdirect Marketing, Inc.'s service is that of marketing only and it is paid by the advertiser for providing this service. You should rely on your own judgment in deciding which financial product best suits your or your clients' needs and financial means. You are under no obligation to use CPAdirect Marketing, Inc. to commence business with any advertiser, and CPAdirect Marketing, Inc. does not guarantee the claims or accuracy of statements made by any advertisers.
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