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Welcome to CPAdirectory's CPAMemberCenter – the Homepage of the CPA Profession.

CPAdirectory is building a community network, where CPAs can gather and exchange information to help them with their business future. Everything that concerns a CPA's business will be in one place. A network of financial opportunities, office efficiencies and technology information as well as educational advancement gathered together in a site where everything is easily findable.

CPAdirectory was an idea started by a New York CPA who was looking for information geared toward moving his company into the technology age. He found when he searched the Internet, he could find many sites geared toward the accounting profession, but none with content geared solely toward the professional CPAs concerns and needs. CPAdirectory meets those needs and plans on exceeding those original plans.

Being a CPAdirectory Member Offers to You in One Site:
•  Free continuing professional education credits
Job center where you can post your resume or increase your office staff
Place to open up your business to the new investment and advisory services and commission arrangements the AICPA now allows in 38 states
Continual updated tax news and bulletins
Technology bulletin board & information center to help your office and career run smoothly
Discounts on tax information products and software

As much as CPAdirectory offers now, we plan on having much more to help you meet the demands of your busy careers. To help make our networked community better for everyone, we look forward to any comments or suggestions from our members. Please feel free to contact our office with any thoughts you may have. Remember to check your listing at and make sure that your listing has all your correct office information.

Thank You for Joining Our Network of CPAs.
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