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CPAs, give your clients what they really want - help them make more money!

What ProfitCents Does:
Provides a much-needed tool for CPAs to customize and deliver high-quality, clearly scripted operational reviews of their small business clients' performance scored against their industry peers.
What ProfitCents Is:
An expert system that generates custom-written, industy-benchmarked reports from scratch based on data you provide. The application provides clear and insightful analysis in five areas of operational performance; sales growth, profitability, and utilization of people, assets and leverage.
How It Will Help Your Practice:
Increase your revenue - Sell a customized report as an additional "Operating Review" to your tax-only small business customers. Use it as a business development tool to convert existing tax and audit clients into financial consulting customers.
Differentiate your firm - At the end of each tax return, audit, or compilation, give your client insightful written advice on how to become more profitable.
Increase the value of your clients - By providing clear advice on how your clients can improve their operations, you will help them be more profitable and increase their total value.

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