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Yaeger Lambers CPA Review The DC Metro Area's Finest Live CPA Review Courses And Extensive National Home Study Programs
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A complete review course. We explain the concepts through lecture and then reinforce those concepts by interactively working multiple choice and other objective format questions and large problems.

The entire review course, converted to CD-ROM. Audio lectures, on-screen interactive exam questions with complete audiovisual explanations, 3 downloadable handouts and a 100 page law handout.

The actual video course, streamed to your computer at our TV channel web site, The convenience of being able to study for the exam where ever you have a computer connection. Complete lecture to explain concepts, then quick reinforcement of your understanding by working through questions and problems together.
Now there is a home study course you can complete in only 55 Hours
Just the right amount of time to go over the material and clearly explain the concepts. Short enough so you don't get bored and give up after only a few hours.

We are a TEACHING course. We don't believe in exam "gimmicks" or a lot of memorization. We emphasize understanding. We believe if you understand the concept, you'll be able to answer the old questions you are studying from as well as the new questions on the exam. Our approach provides the precise balance between working questions and understanding concepts.

This course is time tested, and it has been proven very effective. IT WORKS. The pace is exciting, not tedious or boring (a complaint often heard from purchasers of other home study video courses). 55 hours is just the right amount of time. Long enough to cover the material thoroughly and effectively yet short enough to avoid boredom and allow sections to be watched and listened to more than once if necessary.
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