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Avoiding Discrimination Lawsuits

It is important for a company to have a nondiscrimination policy. However, this is not always enough. The policy should be constantly enforced and reevaluated. A company should educate all employees about equal employment opportunity laws. These laws can be complex but training people in accordance of these laws is very important.

Make sure managers understand that any actions on their part are always connected to the company. This includes actions known or authorized by superiors. A company should take steps to reduce the risk of a major liability created by a manager.

A company should provide sensitivity training classes. These classes can help managers see problems that can and may be developing and take necessary steps to stop them. Increasing supervisor sensitivity can help avoid problems in the future.

The company needs to actively ensure that the policy is adhered to daily. The nondiscrimination policy should be reinforced by the company actively stating the desire for a diverse workplace. The company should make the effort to uncover subtle or active discrimination before disputes reach the stage of a lawsuit.

Establish an equal employment opportunity complaint process. This should be set up to handle complaints swiftly and on an impartial basis. After an investigation, if there is a legitimate complaint take appropriate action in a timely basis. Always let the complainant know the company’s corrective action. This will let the person know that the company does take an active stand against discrimination.

A company may also want to rate the managers on how well they have done in diversifying their workplace. A company may also want to consider having someone audit the nondiscrimination policy and procedure.

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